Van Schijndel VSA E-Lifter

A 580 BHP Van Schijndel refuse collection vehicle!


The management of ‘Entsorgungsbetrieb Schrader’ in the German Harz Mountains always goes for the top.

Mid last year, the need arose for a new hook-arm vehicle that had to be able to transport, thousands of litres of fluid food waste to Hamburg, towing a heavy Trailor. If the truck also could collect industrial waste using regular bins, the circle would be complete. A Scania R 580 V8 with a Meiller hook lift system was chosen. The vehicle was ordered with all accessories Scania could offer. Afterwards, Buffl customizers in Reek (NL) upgraded the interior with padded leather. The standard interior lighting were replaced by neon and warm LED lights. At the Belgian truck styler TC Works, handmade automatically opening tool cabinets, dozens of lamps and a bullbar were mounted. The solid slide on / slide off 26m³ Van Schijndel RCV body with trade lift completed the lorry. It took each of the involved suppliers several weeks to do their job. This project proves, professionals, real specialists, with a pencil behind the ear and a cleaning cloth hanging from their overalls, still exist. They make the roads more beautiful with gems like this ivory-white Swede. 

We thank CEO Sven Schrader for letting us being a part in this international project and congratulate the lucky driver!  

Schrader 1

Schrader 2

Schrader 3