Van Schijndel VSA E-Lifter

A solid Van Schijndel collection vehicle for Gerfer Recycling GmbH in Cologne.


On October 2, Gerfer Recycling GmbH located in Cologne, has taken another Van Schijndel collection vehicle into use.

This time it is a 26m³ compactor built on a Scania P360 chassis with four axles.

Gerfer usually uses its cars for a long, intensively time to collect industrial waste. The vehicle is suitable for emptying a variety of containers and will be used in Cologne and the surrounding area. Gerfer is a well-respected family business that recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. The company is taking the lead in the use of IT and digital technology.

We wish the company Gerfer and all employees many comfortable, safe and profitable kilometers.

Gerfer 16-10-2019.jpg

Gerfer 16-10-2019 (zonder bedrukking 1).jpg

Gerfer 16-10-2019 (zonder bedrukking 2).jpg