Van Schijndel VSA E-Lifter

The Citimaas: short, agile and multitalented.


Last February the first Van Schijndel Citimaas refuse collection vehicle was delivered. This name was given because of the most chosen deployment location of this type of vehicle, the city centers and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The height of this two-axle vehicle remains below 330cm. The length is only 758cm including footboards. Nevertheless, the legal payload is over 6 tons. The press container volume is 13m³. The height of the hopper of only 108cm enables comfortable collection of garbage bags and bulky waste. The vehicle is equipped with a strong tradelift. The axle load distribution remains ideal under all conditions. In already two city centres, this model was chosen to collect packaging material and other waste after markets and local events and to quickly empty the bins that were reported ‘forgotten’ in de weekly tour. The Citimaas is turnkey available on MAN, Mercedes-Benz and most other chassis. This compact vehicle is turn-key available and is a permanent addition to the palette of refuse collection vehicles.

Citimaas 2

Citimaas 1