Van Schijndel VSA E-Lifter

Van Schijndel launches the Confidential Documents Collection Vehicle ‘ACB 2.0’.


As of today, the Confidential Documents Collection Vehicle, shortly called ACB, is equipped with a completely new operating system.

This modern intelligent steering comes with a loader- and a driver graphic display.

All features are logical and easy to choose. This brings man and machine one step closer.     

A display in the cab provides the driver with all the necessary information. A display accompanying the loading system supports the operator in the emptying process of the containers with confidential content.

A log system records crucial operational information. Images or videos proving container handling can be stored using an automatically recording camera.

Of course, the user interface can be set to a variety of languages

 Van Schijndel's ACB collection vehicles with its closed bin lift, have become a European standard in the area of secured collection over the past period of over 10 years. Through the introduction of this new control, the ACB is ready for the next decade.