Van Schijndel VSA E-Lifter


A 580 BHP Van Schijndel refuse collection vehicle!


The management of ‘Entsorgungsbetrieb Schrader’ in the German Harz Mountains always goes for the top.

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The Citimaas: short, agile and multitalented.


Last February the first Van Schijndel Citimaas refuse collection vehicle was delivered. This name was given because of the most chosen deployment location of this type of vehicle, the city centers and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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June 2020, Van Schijndel Maasbracht delivers a popular combination.


Last week, a popular combination was delivered to a major regional waste company in Germany.

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Van Schijndel launches the Confidential Documents Collection Vehicle ‘ACB 2.0’.


As of today, the Confidential Documents Collection Vehicle, shortly called ACB, is equipped with a completely new operating system.

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A new refuse collection vehicle for EGN Hürtgenwald, Germany


In the beautiful Eifel, more and more Van Schijndel rear loaders can be seen. Today, the first from again a series of four was delivered to the EGN in Hürtgenwald, Germany.

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