ACB500 Archief

ACB Archive Collection

The VSAII with ACB1100 loading device is Van Schijndel B.V.’s latest development. By doing so, Van Schijndel has introduced a unique product onto the market.

This is a construction including a loading system designed for emptying archive containers.

The fully closed and drop loading mechanism ensures that the containers can be extracted from the eye and emptied in a safe manner within just one minute.

This extremely modern loading system is designed for emptying containers by opening electronic or mechanical locking devices.

By using an advanced lock release and cover lighting system, all of these operations can be carried out automatically.

A fully computer controlled system and one monitored by the loader camera systems can only but ensure that any confidential types of waste are disposed of correctly.

The VSAII with ACB500/1100 has been designed to introduce a complete weighing system. 

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