SCB1700 Eurocontainer

SCB1700 Eurocontainer

The Eurocontainer loading device has been designed for emptying 2.500, 5.000 and 7.000 litre wheelie bins according to DIN 30.737 and DIN 30.738 standards (EN12574).

This load may be associated with the combined load SCB1700, and has been constructed so that the loading process takes place with the combination SCB1700 Eurocontainer..

By doing so, we are able to empty containers with a capacity ranging from 60 to 5,000 litres of the same vehicle as part of a multi-functional combination.

Combined with a winch, we can empty (portal) containers with a capacity of up to 10m³.

The entire unit is also controlled manually by using a push button system and can be monitored visually.

Again, we are dealing with an extremely modern but simple installation with a high operating comfort which is very simple to maintain.

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