The VSA-Economy has been developed as an export product, especially for those countries where the current electronic systems encounter a lot of problems when it comes to maintenance and servicing the equipment, along with the availability of these components. By making use of standard components, this process becomes simplified, and any service downtime is kept to a minimum.

The hydraulic valves are manually operated for the rear loading open/close and the pusher systems, and can be pneumatically operated for the press mechanism and the loading system. With a user operator post, the press cycle can be controlled manually in four stages, and can also control the loading or Daklier system. On the left and right on the rear loader there are two emergency stop buttons, which display the oil flow and pressure of the installation procedure, and which also generate a sound signal inside the cabin.

The loading unit is suitable for ridge receptors (EN840-1/2 standards) with a mechanical bucket edge locking device and folding arms for containers with a receptor unit (as per DIN EN840-2/3 standards). When lowered, a debris valve with a large deposit opening is used for bulky items when at a height of approximately 1,000 mm. The Daklier has a capacity of 4,000 kg.

The construction can be provided as a complete kit with a hydraulic pump and assembly instructions, or can be installed onto a suitable chassis of your choice.

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