SCB1700 Combibelading

SCB1700 Combi lifter

The SCB1700 combi lifter is suitable for emptying (mini) containers by using a continuous ridge a with hydraulic bucket rim locking device.

With folding lifting arms, the 4 wheel containers with a DIN receptor and a Bammens/Geesink system have a drainage capacity ranging from 500-1700 litres.
Adaptors for containers with Daimond receptor units are also available.

The loading process is carried out with a hydraulically operated lid opener.

The entire unit is controlled manually by using a push button system and can be monitored visually.

During the collection of bulky household waste or rubbish bags, but also during the collection of waste paper, there is an infeed height of approx. 1,000 mm with a lowered debris valve which is immediately identifiable by the infeed opening.

This extremely solid and modern but simple installation has a high operating comfort and is very simple to maintain.

Container range:

  • 80-340 litre 2-weels mini containers according to DIN EN840-1 standards
  • 500-1300 litre 4-weels containers according to DIN EN840-2/3 standards
  • DIN-arms for 660-1300 litre 4-weels containers according to EN840-2/3 standards
  • Bammers arms for 750-1600 litre Bammens 4-weels containers according to EN840-4 standards

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